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WWE News – WWE vs AEW Fight to sign WWE Hall of Fame: WWE and AEW, two of Pro Wrestling’s biggest companies, are fighting for the signature of a legendary superstar. In a recent interview with WhatCulture Wrestling, the Olympic gold medalist talked about various aspects of her life and career. Follow WWE RAW and SmackDown live updates on InsideSport.IN.

WWE News – WWE vs AEW Fight to sign WWE Hall of Fame: An interesting thing that has come up is his future in the wrestling industry. The WWE Hall of Famer has revealed that he has offers from both WWE and AEW grandparents. When asked about his decision, Kurt Angle He expresses rejection of both of them. The Olympic gold medalist has revealed that if something interesting comes up, when will he sign with a company. If it is unclear Kurt Angle In-ring or any other role was offered.

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“Okay, I’m leaving it open.” Dr. Kurt Angle. “I received offers from both the companies but did not accept them. I didn’t think it was right at that point. But if they come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. “

Kurt Angle wrestled in his last match three years ago in an attempt to lose to Baron Corbin. The Hall of Famer has not been seen at a wrestling event since. The match at WrestleMania 35 was headlined as his final and retirement match.

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WWE enjoys bringing back legends and Hall of Famers whenever possible. WWE is aware of the love and power of the nostalgia factor and they play it very well. If companies don’t leave a chance they can get back to a legend.

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In the past, WWE has brought back legends for feuds and matches like Goldberg, Lita, Trish Stratus and most recently ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. The WWE uses nostalgia factor with part-timers like John Cena, Batista and The Rock.

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Returning to Kurt Angle Company will surely please all fans. During his previous career, many WWE superstars felt that Angle had been treated unfairly and that he had not been given a great run compared to Goldberg’s choice.

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