WWE hints at the return of the said page

WWE News: WWE hints at former Divas champion Page’s return: Former Divas champion Page is rumored to be back in the ring soon. The WWE Ambassador has been missing from the screen for a long time since he suffered a neck injury in 2016. Follow WWE and WWE News updates on InsideSport.IN

WWE News: WWE hints at return of former Divas champion Page

Recently, WWE updated the roster where fans noticed that Page’s profile was showing up with other superstars over the ages. The former NXT champion was absent from his in-ring competition after an impressive neck injury that forced him to retire in-ring in 2017.

However, Page played the role of a manager after his return to WrestleMania R in 2018. Later, he joined a team called Absolution, leading the team of Sonia Devil and Mandy Rose. Although he joined the team, he was out of the in-ring competition and later off the screen.

Many fans have speculated about his return to the ring in the WWE. But, he is not associated with any brand now. In addition, he has openly updated on how he feels about hitting his neck and pushing fans to return to the ring.

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Over the past few years, many wrestling legends like Edge, Sting and Daniel Bryan have returned from threatening and medical conditions for their careers, and fans expect the same from the former Divas champion.

Paige became the youngest superstar to win the Divas Champion

Page is one of the superstars who got off to a great start in WWE when he moved to the original list. In 2011, Paige signed an official contract with WWE and made his debut on FCW, now known as NXT.

She won her NXT women’s title in 2012, and was the opening superstar to win the NXT women’s title. Later in 2014, Page made his debut on the main roster, where he defeated the AJ Lee at the age of 21 to win the Divas Championship. Initially, AJ Lee challenged Page to fight him in a championship match, which Page won.

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Currently, fans are waiting for the former Divas champion’s in-ring return. According to reports, Page said he needed some more time to recover, but WWE has already indicated he will return.

WWE News: WWE hints at so-called former Divas champion

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