WWE Deathron Roman Reigns?

WWE News: Did WWE finally find a star for the Roman Empire ?: Roman Reigns is the current top star of WWE. Since The Tribal Chief won the Universal Championship, WWE has taken him to even greater heights by making him the company’s biggest heel. With his historic title reign, Roman Reigns defeated many opponents while defending the title. Finally, he is undefeated so far. Follow WWE and WWE News updates on InsideSport.IN

WWE News: Has the WWE finally found a star for Deathron Roman Reigns?

However, it seems that WWE has finally decided to rate a RAW superstar at Roman Reigns level. Recently, WWE advertised Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns as the faces of their respective brands. WWE commercials featuring ‘The American Nightmare’ and ‘The Head of the Table’ are being aired on official television commercials.

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According to reports, WWE had no existing plans for the undisputed Universal Champion. But according to the ad, WWE is trying to push the former AEW star to a new level. Although Rhodes has been back for a while now, WWE is considering Rhodes as the main event star and is neglecting other superstars on the roster for a suitable opponent for the roster reigns.

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At WrestleMania 38, Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to become the undisputed Universal Champion. With this win, the Rains have long been champions and still undefeated. On the other hand, Cody brings Rhodes back through a multi-million dollar deal to stay with WWE.

WWE News: Kurt Angle from WWW Hall of Fame shared a rare photo with Brock Lesnar from NJPW.

Is Cody Rhodes worthy enough to defeat the Roman Empire?

At WrestleMania 38, Cody Rhodes returned to the WWE in a match against Seth Rollins. He defeated Seth Rollins in an intense match to start his WWE comeback. With his subsequent appearance on Raw, Rhodes clarified his intentions for the WWE title and gave Raw a strong start to kick-start after WrestleMania.

Through several promotions on Raw, he gave only one message to the WWE Universe to become a future WWE Champion. Since Cody Rhodes’ departure from the WWE in 2016, he has transformed himself into a brand new character who has won many hearts during his AEW tenure and still continues to be in the WWE.

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Appearing as a big strong character, Cody Rhodes is tall as a strong opponent against the Roman Empire. Do you think Cody Rhodes can defeat Roman Reigns and oust him? Tell us the comments.

WWE News: Has the WWE finally found a star for Deathron Roman Reigns?

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