The difference between the UFC champions

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When betting on the UFC, If you know who the current champions are and what category they are in, you can try to improve your chances of winning. We will break it down for you so that you have all the knowledge necessary to make the most conscious betting decision.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) resumed in 1993 when athletes of all sizes entered the ring to fight against each other. Four years later, at UFC 12, two new weight classes were created: heavyweight, lightweight for fighters weighing 200 pounds or more, and lightweight for fighters weighing 199 pounds or less. It took Mark Coleman three minutes to defeat Dan Severn in the neck crank at UFC12 in Alabama that night, and he became the franchise’s first heavyweight champion আসলে in fact, its first champion.

The UFC nowadays has 12 weight divisions: eight for men and four for women, for a total of 12 divisions. There are currently champions in each category.

Heavyweight Champion: Francis Nagannu

Date of victory: 27/03/21

Defense: 01

Results: KO2

Francis Nagannu There has been a remarkable journey on the way to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. As a child growing up in Cameroon, he endured A lot Difficulty before making its way into the organization. He worked in the sand mines before he decided to take up mixed martial arts at the age of 25 and tried many unsuccessful escapes to Europe. This is considered to be a late start in the world of MMA. He is currently the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

Light-H.Eweight Champion: Glover Texeira

Date of victory: 30/10/21

Defense: 0

Result: Sub 2 over Jan Blachovich (UFC 267)

Jan Bachovich faces UFC veterinarian Glover Teixeira after a highly controversial championship defense against middleweight champion Israel Adesnia. Teixeira, who entered the bout in a five-fight winning streak and was 42 years old, probably knew this would be his last chance to take a shot at a UFC Championship title. And boy did he give her all. Teixeira has put in an outstanding performance, proving once again that his endurance and skill set can make him a challenging opponent for even the greatest in the world. The win is considered one of the most exciting and thrilling in UFC history.

Middleweight Champion: Israel Adesnia

Date of victory: 06/10/19

Defense: 04

Results: TKO2 (UFC 243)

Adesnia Despite his brief stint in the sport, he was fortunate to emerge as the middleweight champion. His strategy seems to be almost instantaneously consistent with what any opponent has faced. He made his UFC debut in 2018, and became the interim champion exactly one year later, then became the reigning champion after defeating Robert Whitaker in UFC 243.

Welterweight Champion: Cameroon Usman

Date of victory: 02/03/19

Defense: 05

Results: UD on Tyrone Woodley (UFC 235)

Known as “The Nigerian Nightmare”, Usman has proven to be a formidable challenge for many welterweight contestants. The 32-year-old either dropped out or won by decision. Usman replaces Colby Covington for his fifth championship defense. They fought at UFC 268 in New York’s famous Madison Square Garden. Uthman faced an extraordinary battle, but in the end he won.

Lightweight Champion: Charles Olivera

Date of victory: 15/03/21

Defense: 01

Result: TKO2 (UFC 262) above Michael Chandler

This is Oliveira’s first UFC title despite being with the organization for the past 12 years. Nevertheless, he holds multiple UFC records, including the most submitted wins (14) and the last (17).

Other championship titles

Lest we forget, there are still a few divisions in both the men’s and women’s championships. They are:

A Featherweight Champion: Alexander Volkanovsky

A Bantamweight Champion: Alzheimer’s Sterling

A Flyweight Champion: deivison Figueroa

A Women’s Feather Weight: Amanda Nunes

A Bantamweight Champion: Juliana Pena

A Women’s Flyweight Champion Valentina Shevchenko

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