‘Stubborn’ spending big on unavailable Joffra Archer bites Mumbai Indians

IPL 2022 Mumbai Indians – Captain Rohit Sharma upset? It is clear that everything is not right with the Mumbai Indians squad in this IPL. The five-time champions have lost four of their seasons so far. The team looks anonymous and isolated. Team selection in IPL mega auction is giving MI a hard bite. Rumors are circulating from the Mumbai camp that captain Rohit Sharma is very unhappy with the formation of the overall squad: Follow IPL 2022 live updates with InsideSport.IN

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Annoyed Captain Rohit Sharma? Rohit’s frustration is such that when asked about the team structure after the match – Rohit expressed his frustration.

“I just went for the combination that would be ideal. We chose the best out of what we had. “, Said Rohit.

Sources at MI Camp told InsideSport that some members of the team, including Rohit, were dissatisfied with some of the decisions taken in the IPL mega auction.

The management’s decision to spend heavily on Joffra Archer instead of acquiring the tested Trent Bolt did not go down well with the senior members of the team.

Leaving the team, Star Sports commentators were also heard arguing over MI’s strategy of buying archers at auction during the RCB vs match.

“I do not understand the decision. Why Mumbai bought Archer at auction. Why couldn’t they invest the same money for Fit Player or Trent Bolt. This is proving to be costly for them. In the auction, they have shown mere stubbornness. They don’t have the right composition. “ The commenter said during the live commentary.

IPL 2022: Is captain Rohit Sharma upset about team selection? ‘Stubborn’ spending big bucks on unavailable Joffra Archer is a tough bite for Mumbai Indians: check out

Annoyed Captain Rohit Sharma? MI knew Archer would not be available for IPL 2022 due to repeated elbow problems.

They still took the punt and remembered their long-term goal. This could have cost Rs 6 crore to buy two or three more players.

Apart from Archer, Mumbai has made other wonderful purchases. Tim David and Daniel Sams were both bought at auction for crores of rupees. And in 2-3 games, MI management lost faith in them.

Mumbai Indians have decided to play only two foreign players against RCB on Saturday.

When Zaheer Khan was asked why MI went with two foreign players when they had seven foreign players fit and available, he said

We felt that this combination gave us the balance we wanted. We needed someone like Joydev Unadkat – he was bowling well in the nets. The conditions also matched his style – the wicket was a bit double-edged and there was something for the bowlers who hit the seam. “

Here at InsideSport, we see 3 reasons why MI is number 9 in the points table

IPL 2022: Is captain Rohit Sharma upset about team selection? ‘Stubborn’ spending big bucks on unavailable Joffra Archer is a tough bite for Mumbai Indians: check out
  1. Unavailable Joffra Archer to spend big

Undoubtedly the biggest reason for MI’s terrific run so far in IPL 2022. Spending Rs 8 crore for the England pacer has limited them to only 7 foreign players. The right-handed pacer is only available from IPL 2023, MI was forced to play only two foreign players in their game against RCB.

IPL 2022: Big cost for unavailable Joffra Archer ‘stubborn’ bites Mumbai Indians hard, see 3 reasons to be number 9 in MI points table

The other foreign players at MI did not perform well so they took this drastic step. Instead of spending it on unavailable archers, MI could use that money smartly.

  1. Big spending on Daniel Sam and Tim David

MI has done a huge amount of splurge on Daniel Sam and Tim David. They spend R 2.60 million and 8. 8.25 million to buy Australian all-rounders. The move has so far been reversed as Sam and David were still perfectly wicked. Although the former bowled the second most expensive over in the IPL against KKR, he failed to finish the game for MI in the next three matches.

Both players were eliminated against RCB and it remains to be seen whether MI will play in the rest of their matches.

  1. MI senior Rohit Sharma, Jaspreet Bumrah and Kieron Pollard did not deliver

MI senior captain Rohit Sharma, pacer Jaspreet Bumrah and all-rounder Kieron Pollard have not yet joined forces. Sharma and Bumrah have done well in just one of the four matches they have played so far. Meanwhile, Pollard did not finish the match as well as he would have liked for MI. All-rounder did not affect the bowling.

Bumrah has taken just three wickets in four matches, where Sharma has yet to post a score of over fifty.

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