Stein is very excited about the inauguration of Omran Malik

IPL 2022: Super Excited Dale Stein says about guardian Umran Malik, “It’s very exciting to bowl him consistently at 150 clicks”. In the ongoing IPL 2022, Sunrisers Hyderabad pacer Umran Malik continues to impress cricket fans with his fast pace at Speedgun and is consistently receiving awards for the fastest ball of the match. Follow IPL 2022 live updates on InsideSport.IN

Although he gave up a lot of runs as the batsmen took advantage of the extra speed by sending the ball to the boundary line, Umran has already let go of another former tierway pacer who is overwhelmed with his speed: Dale Steyn, the former South African great is currently in charge of Hyderabad pace bowling. Coach

IPL 2022: Super Excited Dale Steyn Says About Guardian Umran Malik

“It’s great to see someone running and bowling at 150km per hour. Often we try and make boys so that they can be made more aware such as change your pace, do this and that. But I think Omran is out and out raw. It’s great to let him go and do what he does, which is great because you don’t want to change people and block him too much. “

“It’s exciting to see him consistently bowling at 150 clicks per hour, not just for me, but for everyone to watch the game at home or in the stadium. It’s not great to face, but it’s very exciting, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Stein said in a pre-match chat with broadcaster Star Sports.

In the Hyderabad match against Kolkata Knight Riders, Malik hit the stumps of Shreyas Iyer with a pitch-perfect yorker. The right-handed batter shuffled around his crease to make room for a cut, but the owner saw his stumps damaged in a sharp yorker in the tenth over. Seeing this out of the dugout, Stein jumped out of his seat and hugged spin bowling coach Muttiah Muralitharan.

IPL 2022: Super Excited Dale Steyn Says About Guardian Umran Malik

Stein Malik explained the story behind the happy scene in the dugout when he saw the castle Iyer.

“Just tapping that story, we’ve come up with a few game plans. Murali (Muralitharan) was actually sitting there and he said, ‘Perfect ball for the right ball Will be a yorker now ‘. I actually turned around and Tom Moody said, ‘I don’t think the yorker would be a good idea. He may get a head injury. ‘ Omran comes running, yorker bowls and pegs off the ground. I jumped on Murali and said, ‘You are the spin coach and you understand, it is said for fast bowlers’.

After losing their first two matches to Rajasthan Royals and Lucknow Super Giants, Hyderabad made a strong comeback with wins against Chennai Super Kings, Gujarat Titans and Kolkata Knight Riders. With their chances of winning their fourth match against the Punjab Kings at the DY Patil Stadium, Stein feels things are slowly falling apart for Hyderabad.

“Everything is going well. We had a lot to go our way. We won a few tosses, which was really important to us. You never know how it might change today, so we talk about these things Making the boys aware of the possibilities, but everyone is doing pretty well. “

IPL 2022: Super Excited Dale Steyn Says About Guardian Umran Malik

“The bowlers have done a great job; Two steady men bowled at Death (Over). The batsmen also came (to the party), Aiden (Markram), Nicky (old) and Rahul Tripathi are incredible and the fielding has been good so far. All around, everyone is somehow ticking the box and working collaboratively well together. “

Stein’s first coaching stint since retiring from the game as a great pacer for the Proteas was to join the Hyderabad support staff as a pace bowling coach. Last year, he worked as a commentator for the Men’s T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. For the time being, Stein is happy to take the pacers’ coaching mantle with a promising future like Malik, despite missing his friends in the commentary box.

“I’m really enjoying it. Honestly, I feel much more normal when I’m in athletic gear as opposed to wearing a jacket and tie. So, in the dugout I’m feeling more at home right now but in the comment box I’m not telling you; I will not lie. “

IPL 2022: Super Excited Dale Steyn Says About Guardian Umran Malik

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