“I will not do anything else,” said Anne Maria

Play India University Games: Komal Kohar set a fairly high penalty for everyone to follow when he won his first gold at the Khelo University Games 2021. Follow InsideSport.IN for more updates

Participating in the 45 kg weightlifting competition, Kohr broke records in all three categories (Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Combined) on the way to gold. It was the perfect screen-raiser for a three-day event that saw 26 new KIUG records and a national record in the 20 weight categories. If the tune set on the first day, it was the final that served as a perfect sequel, the highlight from the +87kg for women, where Anne Maria broke the national record in clean and jerk. Her lifting of 129kg has surpassed Manpreet Kaur’s 128kg record set at the national championships earlier this year.

I will not do any other work: KIUG 2021 Gold Medalist Weightlifter Ann Maria

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Ann Maria broke the national combined record with a total lifting of 231 kg at the National Weightlifting Championships in Bhubaneswar in March. Behind his stunning elevator, and the 101kg snatch, he won a gold medal for the University of Mangalore.

Play India University Games: “I participated in the Senior Nationals before coming to KIUG 2021. After the Nationals, I was feeling a little bad because I had a shoulder injury and I couldn’t do much. I did not expect myself to achieve this today, but I am very proud of my efforts. “ Ann Maria said after her big win.

Ann, who began her career in powerlifting, agreed to let her mother enter the weightlifting arena to lose weight. But soon, he started to enjoy the game and started training hard to get better at it.

I will not do any other work: KIUG 2021 Gold Medalist Weightlifter Ann Maria

“I started training every day and worked hard. Weightlifting is something I fall in love with and there is no other sport or activity that I can do. “ He said.

“My mother was a weightlifter in her prime but there was no support then. I consider him and my father, a rickshaw puller, my inspiration, because of the way they can support me. “ Ann added.

For the last three years, Ann has been training at the SAI Center in Bangalore.

I will not do any other work: KIUG 2021 Gold Medalist Weightlifter Ann Maria

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