Ghost Of Tsushima Patch 2.18 Live Now: See All Details

Ghost Of Tsushima Patch 2.18 Live Now: Check Director’s Cut, Legendary Item Changes, Bug Fixes and More – Patch 2.18 (2.018.000 on PS5) for Ghost of Sushima Directors Cut and the Legends standalone focuses on Legends item changes, bug fixes and improvements as well as small single-player changes. In this article, we’ve covered everything about the latest updates. Follow InsideSport.IN for future gaming updates

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Ghost Of Tsushima Patch 2.18 Live Now: Watch Director’s Cut, Legendary Item Changes, Bug Fixes and More


  • Fixed a bug where a teammate’s health could drop below zero for a moment, calculated as “death” in custom mode and raid trials that occasionally prevent hidden heart cosmetics from being unlocked
  • A PS4 save import button has been added to the legendary individual builds (Move PS4 console save). Be sure to click “Yes” at the Legends Import prompt
  • Shared Wounds no longer puts Assassin out of the vanishing skill
  • A new Phil Party goal has been added, Custom Mode – Perfect Finish 7 This will allow people looking to acquire Hidden Heart Cosmetics to search for matches differently from those looking for a different custom mode experience.
  • Item adjustment:
    • All Legendary Katana acquires Stan Master specials by default, including Stans unlocked through special features. If you already have a Stancemaster Park unlocked, you can re-roll it to a new special feature
    • Legendary Charms can now roll out special benefits and features that were previously limited to Class Exclusive Charms, if Legendary Charms belong to a certain class.
    • The resolution gain of the black powder bomb has decreased significantly
    • Skipping Stone Bow and Ricochet do not make extra determination from the arrow
    • Weapons have been added to Caltrops and Demon Seeds
    • Black Powder Bomb, Flash Bomb, Fire Arrow and Piercing Arrow Drop Rate from Minition Park
    • The maximum value of the Meli Resolve Gain property has increased by 25%
    • The maximum value of fire damage property increased by 20%
    • The maximum value of the property damaged by the murder increased by 50%
    • Samurai efficiency increased to Deep Strike + 25% blow damage
  • Bug fixes where black powder bombs didn’t count for some mastery challenges
  • Fixed a bug where Silver and Gold Survival missions showed incorrect mission modifier
  • A bug has been fixed in Survival where a ghost dies shortly after the final wave, but causes some missing rewards before the scoreboard
  • A very rare bug was fixed where it was impossible to complete the Legend tutorial

Ghost Of Tsushima Patch 2.18 Live Now: Watch Director’s Cut, Legendary Item Changes, Bug Fixes and More

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