Former WWE Champion Tyson Fury is shot

WWE News: Former WWE Champion Boxing Champion Tyson Fury shot: Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre once again took a shot at boxing superstar Tyson Fury. It’s been months since McIntyre called up a boxing champion in the WWE for a possible fight against him. Follow WWE News & Rumor Updates with InsideSport.IN

WWE News: Former WWE Champion Boxing Champion Tyson Fury Shot

Recently, Gypsy King defeated Dillian White in 6 rounds with a KO. During a post-match interview with ESPN, Fury and UFC heavyweight champion Francis Enganu had a brief confrontation and hinted at their future showdown. Later, Fury Drew points to McIntyre, whom he thinks will provide a KO.

However, Drew McIntyre also responded to the bold remarks of boxing champion Tyson Fury. During his recent appearance on WellsOnline, McIntyre gave a brief answer to the heavyweight boxer. Finally, Scottish warrior Tyson Fury praised the campaign.

“You have to go with the belt [WWE and Universal Championships]. The Fury thing will be a huge spectacle. He’s such a big name in the world and I’m a big name in our world, especially the first British WWE Champion. It will be a huge attraction match and I know I want to get a great match from him. He works hard, he’s an entertainer and he’s got a passion for it. But at the same time, the dream of becoming a WWE Champion one day, with thousands of people screaming. ” [H/T WalesOnline]

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Drew McIntyre is willing to fight the boxing legend with the undisputed Universal title. Earlier, the two men shot at each other to give them a huge build for their future showdown.

Tyson Fury fought against the former WWE Universal Champion

Tyson Fury is famous for playing boxing as well as WWE. Earlier, boxing champion Crown Jewel battled former Universal Champion Brown Strowman, where he defeated Monster in the men’s singles.

At the Crown Jewel 2019, both men faced each other in a battle of the heavyweights. Although Strawman showed his strength to defeat the Gypsy King, he failed to endure the fury of Fury. The match ended in a winning attempt for Fury and he later hinted at a future tag team alliance with Strowman.

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For now, the topic is out of the book because WWE has released Brown Strowman. However, fans can expect Tyson Fury’s possible comeback for the upcoming premium live events to challenge Drew McIntyre.

Will Tyson Fury return to fight Drew McIntyre? Tell us the comments.

WWE News: Former WWE Champion Boxing Champion Tyson Fury Shot

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