FIFA has launched the new OTT platform FIFA +, see details

FIFA’s new OTT platformFIFA + streaming service launched: FIFA launches new streaming video service, FIFA + 8 The service will provide free live games from the ‘Netflix Style’ documentary with global competition. Follow FIFA World Cup 2022 live updates with InsideSport.IN

FIFA New OTT Platform: Big Announcement by FIFA Ahead of 2022 World Cup, Launches New Digital Streaming Service FIFA +: View Details

FIFA + streaming service launched: New platform will be advertiser financing. The platform will also display an archive of every World Cup and Women’s World Cup match recorded on camera.

“This project represents a cultural change in the way different types of football fans want to connect and explore the game worldwide.” Said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

FIFA is launching the service with a feature-length documentary on former Brazil and Barcelona midfielder Ronaldinho. Along with this there are several more films in the title ‘FIFA Originals’ External production companies are being set up.

Will the FIFA World Cup games be shown live? Live games will be geo-blocked so that the service does not compete with existing rights-holding broadcasters. Matches will be archived and there is also a highlight package.

FIFA New OTT Platform: Big Announcement by FIFA Ahead of 2022 World Cup, Launches New Digital Streaming Service FIFA +: View Details

“By the end of 2022, FIFA + will be streaming the equivalent of 40,000 live games each year from 100 member associations in all six confederations, including 11,000 women’s matches.” FIFA said in a statement.

“FIFA + offers live coverage of previously unconventional competitions around the world in men’s, women’s and youth football from Europe’s top flight leagues. Since launch, 1,400 matches will be streamed live on FIFA + every month, increasing rapidly. “

The biggest source of FIFA’s revenue is the men’s right to broadcast World Cup television, and although they currently have no plans to charge for FIFA + content, the company expects advertising revenue.

“There will be video ads, there will be pre-roll ads, there will be banner ads. There will also be opportunities to co-produce branded content, for example, and lots of other activation opportunity partners. This is the story of effectively monetizing the platform, “Charlotte Barr told reporters in a conference call from FIFA + Project Lead.

Burr added that there are no plans to charge viewers for the content but those changes cannot be ruled out in the future.

“It’s free and the purpose is to be free forever. There are no plans to charge a subscription fee for the service. “ He said.

“This does not mean that we may not evolve over time if there is a price offer that allows us to charge a subscription if we set foot on premium rights or adopt a different type of model. But FIFA + will always have a free experience. “

The launch features an ‘All Access’ series of six 30-minute shows featuring Brazilian defender Dani Alves, produced by his own production company Maracana Media.

A documentary ‘Icons’ has five female players where the captains are an eight-episode series looking at the captains of the top national teams in the World Cup.

Production companies that have produced content for FIFA + include Fulwell 73, Gary Lineker’s Golhanger Productions and Noah Media Group.

What can I see in FIFA +?

There will be a host of FIFA + originals, including Ronaldinho, Dani Alves, Ronaldo Nazario, Romelu Lukaku, Lucy Bronze and Carly Lloyd.

After launching, you’ll be able to see:

  • Ronaldinho: The happiest man in the world
  • Captain: Season 1. They include Luka Modric (Croatia), Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon), Brian Kaltak (Vanuatu), Andre Blake (Jamaica), Hassan Matuk (Lebanon) and Thiago Silva (Brazil).
  • Croatia: Defining a nation
  • HD Katz – London barber Sheldon Edwards talks to Paul Pogba, Antonio Rudigar and Aaron One-Bisakara
  • Dani Crazy Dream – An intimate documentary featuring Dani Alves moving to Barcelona and having a conversation with manager Xavi Hernandez
  • Golden Boot – A look at some of the greatest goal scorers in football history, including Wayne Rooney, Gary Lineker and Ronaldo Nazario.
  • Icon – A look at some of the best players in the women’s game, including Wendy Reynolds, Lucy Bronze, Assist Oshola, Carly Lloyd and Sam Kerr.
  • Academy – The best academy, featured in Underlined Episode 1

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