Fermanagh v Tyrone – Preview of the starting teams

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All Ireland champions Tyrone have started the 2022 Football Championship from Fermanagh, we have seen the preview of the match and have the starting teams.

They played in the last game of the 2021 GAA All-Ireland Football Championship, got a great season crown with a win against Mayo in the final and Tyrone will now be in the opening game of the 2022 season when they play for the first time against Farmanagh in Ulster. Round in Saturday Enniskillen.

Connach Quarter Final: London vs. Latrium, McGovern Park, Ruislip, 2.30; New York vs. Sligo, Gaelic Park, 7.30 (Irish Time)

Farmang vs. Tyrone

They met at the Ulster Championships for the first time since 2007 when Tyrone won the quarter-finals 0-13 to 1-9.

The last five championship meetings

2007: Tyrone 0-13 Farmanagh 1-9

2004: Tyrone 1-13 Farmanagh 0-12

2003: Tyrone 1-21 Fermanagh 0-5

1999: Tyrone 0-18 Fermanagh 0-8

1996: Tyrone 1-18 Fermanagh 0-9

Farmanag has been trying to win their first Ulster Championship against Tyrone in 40 years. In the 1982 Ulster Final, they defeated Tyrone 1-8, 0-10, and lost to Armagh in the final.

Tyrone finished fifth in Division 1 of this year’s Allianz Football League (P7, W3, D1, L3); Farmanagh is ranked fifth in Division 3 (P7, W2, D2, L3).

The championship games between Farmanagh and Tyrone produced several goals. Only eight goals have been scored in the last eight matches. Neither team could score two goals in any of those games. The last time a team scored two goals was in 1968 when Fermanagh defeated Tyrone 2-8 to 0-8.

Starting team

Ferman: Not announced

Tyrone: Not announced

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