Drew Gulak reflected on the first day

WWE SmackDown Results – Drew Gulak reflects on his first day on the job: This Friday night on SmackDown, we saw the talented superstar Drew Gulak start his new career in the WWE. He dropped his wrestling tights for a black suit when he started his new job as an interviewer. Follow the WWE Smackdown live updates on InsideSport.IN

WWE SmackDown Results – Drew Gulak reflects on his first day on the job: In an exclusive video on WWE’s digital platform after posting the show, Drew Gulak is seen approaching WWE interviewer Megan Morant. Gulak was rubbing his lips and ice as he approached Morant. Drew asked Megan a lot of questions but left without any further answers.

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Drew Gulak made a rough debut as an interviewer this Friday night on SmackDown. The former 24/7 champion had a bad experience with SmackDown female champion Charlotte Flair.

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WWE SmackDown Result – Charlotte Flair Drew Gulak Attacks and Sends Message to Rhonda Rousseau

This Friday night, SmackDown, Drew Gulak won an interview with the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion when he interrupted a conversation between Charlotte Flair and Adam Pierce.

Later that night, Gulak interviewed Charlotte in the ring. He reminded Charlotte that he had tapped Rhonda Rousseau while the referee was down. Flair revealed that she was fixing her bra. He claims to be a submission specialist and will never resign against Rhonda Rousseau.

WWE SmackDown Results – He told Drew Gulak to leave the ring. As Gulak leaves, Flair attacks him from behind. She locked him in the figure four leg lock and he kept shouting ‘I left’ without showing any mercy to Flair.

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At WrestleMania Backlash, Charlotte Flair will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship in an ‘I Quit’ match. Rhonda Rousey has promised that she will release Charlotte or have her arm broken.

WWE SmackDown Result: Drew Gulak reflects on the first day of his new job

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