Cricket Australia has entered Web3

Cricket Australia NFT – Cricket Australia launches Web3 to launch NFT collection: For the first time for Australian cricket, Rario and BlockTrust have signed an official licensing agreement with Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers’ Association that will allow digital collectible NFTs (non-fungible tokens) from Australian cricket to be viewed and played. To more than one billion cricket fans worldwide. Follow Cricket Australia live updates with InsideSport.IN

Using eco-friendly blockchain technology, the multi-year exclusive CA / ACA partnership will introduce cricket fans to NFTs, creating a new fan engagement tool that will celebrate the rich history of Australian cricket. The partnership will support the growth of the game as well as support past and present players through their historic achievements in NFT moments.

Cricket Australia’s new coach: Andrew MacDonald has been appointed head coach of the Australian cricket team for 4 years.

Cricket Australia NFT: In partnership with Rario and BlockTrust to launch the NFT collection, Cricket Australia has launched Web3.

Cricket Australia NFT: In partnership with Rario and BlockTrust to launch the NFT collection, Cricket Australia has launched Web3.
Cricket Australia NFT: In partnership with Rario and BlockTrust to launch the NFT collection, Cricket Australia has launched Web3.

Rario, the creator of the world’s first cricket NFT platform, with joint venture partner BlockTrust, will now help Australian cricket fans understand, collect and engage with the NFT by creating an Australian cricket metaverse of collectibles and gaming. Fans can gain access to exclusive information by registering their interest at or

Traditionally collectibles only feature static images, where NFTs can show the full story of a game’s moment by officially licensed broadcast vision feature. Shots and reactions when Alice Perry registered her Ashes double century, the magical moments of Scott Boland’s MCG spell or, Steve Waugh’s last ball boundary at SCG in 2003, can now be captured in full action for digital trading cards and memorabilia which owners own Can

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Collectible supplies that introduce fans to the history of the game, gaming experiences that allow collectors to play games against each other around the world (of which more than 100 million cricket fans have already done), trading card sets, the potential for this engagement is huge. Work as a visual coaching tool for children to start playing.

Rario and BlockTrust have led a consortium of leading ecosystem partners, including ConsenSys and Amazon Web Services, to successfully collect the project. Further announcements regarding NFT releases and player partnerships will be made in the coming months.

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Ankit Wadhwa, co-founder and CEO of RARIO: “Still, Australia has shown the way to innovation in cricket by entering into Metavers with Rario and BlockTrust. This historic collaboration is the first in the world of cricket, where a national board (Cricket Australia) and the Players’ Association (ACA) have teamed up with the NFT to determine the future of Fandom. Rario is a global cricket NFT platform with partners across Australia, Asia, the Caribbean and the Americas. Through this partnership, we look forward to giving cricket fans the opportunity to own a portion of their favorite game, collect memorable moments and player cards, and engage in cricket NFT-based games at Rario Metavers. “

Mike Alexander, co-founder and CEO of BlockTrust: “We are very excited to partner with Rario, Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers Association to establish Australia’s first sports metavars designed for the Australian cricket community.

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BlockTrust has quickly established itself as a leader in the development of the Bespoke NFT Marketplace and Web 3 experience, helping various brands and organizations around the world to develop and tokenize physical and digital assets. “

Nick Hawkley, CEO of Cricket Australia: “We are excited to be setting foot on Metaverse with our partners Rario, BlockTrust and the Australian Cricketers’ Association for this historic agreement, which will open up huge opportunities for innovation and fan participation.”

“The deep connection to the game’s past, the passion of our fans and the appeal of Australian cricketers to global audiences, means the inclusion of the NFT is another way for fans around the world to get involved and be part of the game.”

“It’s just the beginning and I have no doubt that as we build this exciting partnership we will see a lot of benefits for fans, players and the sport.”

Todd Greenberg, President and CEO of the Australian Cricketers Association: “This is an exciting opportunity for Australian cricket, and it reflects the collaborative spirit of the partnership with ACA and Cricket Australia Rare.”

“When you start learning about NFTs, you will soon realize that the potential for engagement between fans, past and present players, is huge. We are all looking forward to bringing this program to life in the coming months with new and innovative ideas. “

Cricket Australia NFT: In partnership with Rario and BlockTrust to launch the NFT collection, Cricket Australia has launched Web3.

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