Cody Rhodes has received a challenge from NXT 2.0 Superstar

WWE News: Cody Rhodes Gets A Challenge From NXT 2.0 Superstar: It’s been a few weeks since Cody Rhodes returned to the WWE and the demand for challenge and fantasy matches continues to grow. This week, Diamond Mine leader and undisputed era legend Roderick Strong challenged Cody Rhodes in a secret post. Follow WWE and WWE News updates on InsideSport.IN

WWE News: Cody Rhodes Gets A Challenge From NXT 2.0 Superstar: He tweeted a picture of himself doing one of his many backbreakers and tagged Rhodes in it. The American Nightmare responds to Strong’s challenge by revealing that the former North American champion is the only person he has not faced from his 2016 list.

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Rhodes took to Twitter to respond to Strong’s tweet.

“I’m a game – I just couldn’t fight the * pen emoji * on the fictional list (but if that backbreaker happened, I would have an early retirement * crying smile emoji *),” Roderick Strong tweeted in response to Cody Rhodes.

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List of WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes

Many people may not be aware of Cody Rhodes’ list, but there is little information for those who are not here. In 2016, Cody Rhodes was released from WWE. Once his 90-day non-competitive streak was over, there were a few things he wanted to do and accomplish.

WWE News: Cody Rhodes Gets A Challenge From NXT 2.0 Superstar: Surprisingly, The American Nightmare achieved all of these things after leaving the company. He wrestled with Kurt Angle, Katsuori Shibata and The Young Box during his AEW career during a tag team match. In addition to wrestling, Cody Rhodes has been instrumental in starting a pro wrestling company and is WWE’s biggest rival in the AEW today.

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Now that the Prodigal boy is back in the country, this one last match is possible. Although both superstars wrestle under different brands, Strong and Rhodes are still under the WWE umbrella. We hope the WWE Universe gets treated to this best fantasy competition.

WWE News: Cody Rhodes Receives A Challenge From WWE NXT 2.0 Superstar

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