Charlotte Flair’s message for Ronder

WWE SmackDown Results – Charlotte Flair’s Message for Ronda Rousey: On Friday night on SmackDown, Drew Gulak dropped the tights for a suit and became an interviewer. An unrealistic surprise for fans as a former cruiserweight champion backstage interviewer. Follow the WWE Smackdown live updates on InsideSport.IN

In his first interview, Drew Gulak interviewed Madcap Moss about his former betrayal from Happy Corbyn. Later, Charlotte Flair asked Gulak for an interview in the ring when she interrupted him while talking to WWE official Adam Pierce.

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WWE SmackDown Results – Charlotte Flair’s Message for Ronda Rousey: As the show progressed, Gulak interviewed Charlotte Flair in the ring. Flair reacted to his tap-out scene at WrestleMania by fixing his bra and not tapping Rousey when the referee was out.

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Charlotte then claims to be a submission master, and the release is not in her DNA. Later, according to Charlotte, he insulted Drew Gulak for his false accusation. Initially, he locked Drew in Figure Four Leg Lock because the announcer kept shouting ‘I leave’.

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WWE SmackDown Results: Ronda Rousey Challenges Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania Backlash for WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

In WrestleMania 38’s Night One, Charlotte Flair won against Ronda Rossi, thanks to the referee for knocking them out. A few days later on Friday night at SmackDown, Ronda Rousey challenged Charlotte Flair for a rematch of WrestleMania backlash.

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However, this time Rhonda says she wants a match where there are no flaws and no doubts. He then challenges Charlotte Flair in an ‘I Quit’ match, but Charlotte rejects the challenge and tells Ronda to go behind the line.

Rhonda promised Charlotte that the match would happen, and it did. Later that night, WWE officially announced that Ronda Rousey would challenge the ‘I Quit’ math for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. It will be interesting to see who makes the other women ‘I leave’, with both women submission experts.

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