Charles Leclerc is ready for his first F1 title fight

Formula 1: Charles Lacklark ready for the first F1 title fight: Charles Leclerc says Ferrari has a car this year that is capable of winning races. This has enabled him to adopt a different mindset which is helping him in his on-track performance. A strong start to his F1 2022 season has boosted the confidence of Charles who may be confident of fighting for his first F1 title. Follow Formula 1 live updates on InsideSport.IN

After winning the Australian Grand Prix, Leclerc said: “I was in this situation in the junior category but being in F1 means a lot. Especially after the last two years and especially with teams like Ferrari. So it seems incredible. Obviously, the mentality is a bit different than in the last two years. “

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Formula 1: Creating a champion, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is ready to fight for the first F1 title – check out

“Because now I know I have a car under me that is capable of winning. And to get one or two positions I don’t have to do too much to do something very special and spectacular. Because I know it’s in the car and I just have to do the job. “

Charles Leclerc has enjoyed a dream start in the 2022 Formula 1 season. He found himself at the top of the drivers position with 71 points. He is ahead of George Russell by 34 points, who is second in the standings. Worstapen found himself sixth in the standings with 25 points and two retirees, and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton finished fifth.

His second win of the season came in Monegasque with an existing drive at the Australian Grand Prix. Meanwhile, he continues to underline his potential as a potential world champion.

Formula 1: A champion in making, Ferrari's Charles Leclerc prepares for the first F1 title fight
Formula 1: Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc after winning the Australian Grand Prix.

Although he has never fought for an F1 title until recently. Same old thing to Leclerc who came to the top for a title. He won consecutive titles in GP3 and Formula 2 before graduating in 2018.

In the midst of his astonishing start in 2022, Leclerc has actively rejected the idea of ​​moving on to his exhibits since last year. Instead of driving well, the 24-year-old says there is a major difference between his past seasons at Ferrari

Formula 1: Creating a champion, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is ready to fight for the first F1 title – check out

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The biggest question mark on the season-going self-critic Leclerc may be whether he can resolve his propensity for his bizarre mistakes, which has huge consequences. For example, his qualifying crash in Monaco last year.

Leclerc recently focused on his previous mistakes, from the desire to give something uniquely great to a car that was never ready to fight in front of the grid. But now Leclerc has a complete package underneath in the form of an F1-75 car. He no longer needs to overdrive to deliver results.

Leclerc’s performance at Albert Park was flawless and shows that he has all the credentials to win his first F1 title. For the first time in his F1 career, Leclerc was able to lead a race. However, if Verstappen had not retired from the race, Leclerc would still have won the race with ease.

However, despite a great start to the 2022 season, Leclerc has refused to go away. It’s still a long season with 20 more races left Leclerc added, “Of course we are in the third race so it is difficult to think about the championship. But to be honest, we got a very powerful car. A very reliable car, and for the time being we were always there. “

“It simply came to our notice then. And if that is the case then maybe we have a chance at the championship. It obviously makes me laugh after the last two years. They were tough for the team and for me too. So it’s great to be back in this position. “

Formula 1: Creating a champion, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is ready to fight for the first F1 title – check out

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