Bobby Lashley The Boch responds to the incident at WWE’s live event

WWE News: Bobby Lashley responds to the Bach incident at WWE’s live event: ‘The Almighty’ Bobby Lashley talks about his recent catastrophic fall on the WWE’s house show in Newcastle, England. Recently, the former WWE Champion battled SmackDown Superstar Drew McIntyre on WWE’s first live show on a European tour. Follow WWE news and live updates with InsideSport.IN

WWE News: Bobby Lashley responds to Bach incident at WWE live event

During a recent live event, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre collided in a one-on-one match where Lashley fell off the top rope. When the upper rope breaks, Lashley tries to support the rope, but both men fight hard. A video of Lashley’s horrific landing has surfaced on the Internet about any injuries to fans.

However, the WWE Champion reacted to what happened to Bach on the live show. The Almighty addressed with a ridiculous response, calling himself the hardest man. In addition, Lashley made it clear that he did not suffer any injuries during the match and that he continued to fight against the Scottish Warriors.

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Bobby Lashley will face Omos at the WrestleMania backlash

At WrestleMania 38, Bobby Lashley defeated Omos. Lashley became the first superstar by defeating The Kalsal. Omos, who debuted with AJ Styles in 2021, led WrestleMania to continue his winning streak in singles, but he failed to do so.

The former WWE Champion has turned his back on the recent win against Omos. However, he received a tragic betrayal from his former partner MVP. Former United States champion Lashley is attacked and joins a new alliance with Omos. Currently, MVP manages The Kalsal.

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Bobby Lashley and Omos will face off at WrestleMania Backlash for their rematch. Both are fierce rivals. Although Bobby Lashley once defeated Omos, he can’t do it again. Recently, the MVP again made his statement about the match where he said that Lashley could not defeat Omos.

Who will win the battle between the demons? Is it Bobby Lashley or Omos? Tell us the comments.

WWE News: Bobby Lashley responds to Bach incident at WWE live event

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